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Model Keamanan Holistik Kami Platform dan proses keamanan kami menggunakan beberapa tingkat keamanan - yang terdiri dari Sistem dan Peralatan Keamanan1 dikombinasikan dengan Prosedur dan Praktek Keamanan2 dan Proses Audit3, demi memastikan keamanan yang tak tertandingi untuk semua layanan yang kami sediakan. Platform ini menangani keamanan di 7 tingkat yang berbeda Level-1 Keamanan Pusat Data Kemitraan pusat data global kami adalah hasil dari proses uji tuntas yang komprehensif. Keamanan dan stabilitas adalah dua variabel yang paling penting dalam proses uji tuntas kami. Semua pusat data dilengkapi dengan kamera pengintai, kunci biometrik, kebijakan akses berbasis otorisasi, akses pusat data terbatas, petugas keamanan, dan peralatan standar keamanan, proses, dan operasi yang sama. Apa yang memisahkan kami namun merupakan kenyataan adalah bahwa proses uji tuntas kami juga menggabungkan ukuran keproaktifan yang ditunjukkan oleh pusat data terha…

Fifa World Final Strategy

Security Audit Processes

In a vast deployment of globally distributed servers, audit processes are required to ensure process replication and discipline. Are all servers being patched regularly? Are the backup scripts running all the time? Are offsite backups being rotated as desired? Are appropriate reference checks being performed on all personnel? Is the security equipment sending out timely alerts? These and many such questions are regularly verified in an out-of-band process that involves investigation, surveys, ethical hacking attempts, interviews etc. Our audit mechanisms alert us to a kink in our security processes before it is discovered by external users.

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Strategy Soccer with Strategy Hosting

Level-5 Application Security

All of the application software that is used in the platform is built by us. We do not outsource development. Any 3rd party Products or Components go through comprehensive training and testing procedures where all elements of such products are broken down and knowledge about their architecture and implementation is transferred to our team. This allows us to completely control all variables involved in any particular Product. All applications are engineered using our proprietary Product Engineering Process which follows a proactive approach towards security. Each application is broken down into various components such as User Interface, Core API, Backend Database etc. Each layer of abstraction has its own security checks, despite the security checks performed by a higher abstraction layer. All sensitive data is …

Our Holistic Security Hosting Model

Our Holistic Security Model Our Security platform and process leverage on multiple levels of security - consisting of Security Systems and Equipment1 combined with Security Procedures and Practices2 and Auditing Processes3, to ensure unparalleled security for all the services we provide. The platform tackles security at 7 different levels Level-1 Datacenter Security Our global datacenter partnerships are a result of a comprehensive Due diligence process. Security and stability are two of the most important variables in our due diligence process. All datacenters are equipped with surveillance cameras, biometric locks, authorization-based access policies, limited datacenter access, security personnel, and similar standard security equipment, processes and operations. What separates us however is the fact that our due diligence process also incorporates a measure of proactiveness dem…

Domain and Hosting for Soccer Web

Professional Website Valuations Do you have a website earning $500 p/mo or more that you might like to sell? Then you qualify for a professional website valuation from SiapDomain and ready as well as strategy to help you achieve the best sale price Our Holistic Security Approach In order to reduce security risks to minimum, a holistic approach to security is required. Our security processes are born out of a clear definition of the threats to our system. Security Soccer Goals DomainPrivacy - Information within our infrastructure and systems will only be accessible by authorized users
Integrity - Data and information within our infrastructure cannot be tampered with by any unauthorized user
Data Protection - Data within the systems cannot be harmed, deleted or destroyed Identification and Authentication - Ensures that any user of the system is who he claims to be and eliminates chances of impersonation
Network Service Protection - Ensures that networking equipment is protect…